Boost Your Business with

Movement and Mindset Motivation

Why should you Yoga? A recent Harvard Health study confirmed what some have known for thousands of years.  A regular yoga practice correlates with better sleep, less stress-related mental imbalances, better body awareness, weight loss AND even greater happiness!  Alongside it’s stress busting effects, the practice also helps to boost compassion, gratitude and ‘flow states’; in a nut shell, it helps you feel great.  The term ‘flow state’ was coined in the 1960s by Doctors researching what it is that actually makes people happy.  It wasn’t more money… it wasn’t material goods… it was being in ‘flow’.   Heather spent 12 years studying the body/mind connection working within the Pharmaceutical Industry in the USA and UK and has in the last couple of years changed paths and kicked off her unique Movement and Mindset Motivation coaching programme with business leaders and management teams across the country, most recently delivering a successful Business Boost with the Ayrshire Chamber and coaching with Hansel Charity in Ayrshire on Wellbeing at Work .

Helping your team reach flow state, allows improved focus, concentration, increased confidence and a more compassionate and authentic way of being and working.  This in turn has a knock-on effect to improve staff retention, reduce leave of absences and boost productivity.  By viewing our bodies and minds as a whole rather than separate entities during the programme, we are able to coax our physiology out of the conditioned fight or flight response and allow our innate creative and confident nature to shine through.   Set your team up for a healthy/happy 2019! 

Example modules are :

* Connect with Confidence

* Energise and Empower

* Awaken Authenticity and Aspirations

Other topics available:

* Leadership

* Project/Operations/Line Management

* Stress Management

* Business boundaries

* Money Mindset

About Heather

Heather studied Physiology and gained a first-class degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2005, and worked in the clinical research industry based in the UK and Seattle, UK for over a decade, most recently as Director, Global Operations for ClinTec International, managing a department of 150.  In 2016, Heather completed Yoga Teacher Training with the Classical Yoga School and trained with top-UK life-coach Dawn Breslin in her Harmonizing Life Alignment process, demonstrated to increase confidence and tackle issues such as burn-out, stress management, anxious and depressive mood and fulfilling life goals.  Heather is passionate about the importance of cultivating a healthy body/mind connection with studies continuing with a Masters in Psychology and specialist interest in Psychoanalysis to reduce chronic stress levels, improve health and bring a greater sense of serenity and calm to the lives of her clients, ultimately empowering them to achieve more success and realise their true potential in all areas of life, reconnected to the actualised self.